Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip... One More Down

Last week, I took a few days off from reality to take a random road trip with Tom.

And where do people go when they want to take a road trip?

Cornfields of Indiana...

We had about 48 hours to touch four different states, and managed to get a lot done.

My requirements for a road trip are pretty simple:

-Good music, and the ability to change music to suit my mood.
-Entertaining car games/ discussion
-Stopping for whatever whim I deem fit

That's really it. I make an easy road companion, and I was really excited to get out of town for a few days.  Tom was actually in charge of the schedule and arrangements, which suited me fine.  I wanted to maintain my free spirit. :-)  Hotel reservations do not equal free spirit in my book... ;-)

So, we headed out of Tennessee on Wednesday, and made our way to Evansville, IN.  It had been my first real journey into Indiana.  I had made it barely into the state once, but I had never ventured around.  We stopped in to visit his grandmother at the nursing home, then hit the bookstore (yay!!!) before hitting the hotel. I would like to say I appreciated a hotel with a comfy bed and cozy setting.

Welcome to Indiana!

Early Thursday morning, the spontaneity began. On our journey further into Indiana, I saw that we weren't far from seeing Santa Claus, as well as Lincoln's boyhood home.  Of course we had to stop!!!  Here's a few pics from our stop...

Me and Tall Santa...

Tom and Tall Santa...

After that adventure, we had to book it down the road to make it to Bedford, IN.  We met Tom's childhood friend, Tod, for lunch. Afterward, we stopped at the Magic Morning Bakery to get Tom's favorite, Smiley cookies...

Next, we delivered a computer to Tom's cousin, Trent, in Indianapolis.  After that stop, we made our way to Terre Haute, to see his cousin Ryan in a play at the community theater. It was a fantastic show, and a wonderful end to the evening.

The next morning, we decided to venture over to Illinois to make our fourth state.  Here's my picture with the sign...

Welcome to Illinois!

We stopped back to see Tom's grandmother on the way home. We also went over to see his aunt and uncle, as well as cousins and twin second-cousins (that are two!).  Seems like we crammed in a lot of visits in just a few days!

One more thing off the list! At first I had envisioned a week-long journey out into the middle of nowhere by myself. This was back when I was dealing with the idea of being alone (and learning to like it).  Now, I am at a point where I am content to trade that idea for two days with an incredible someone.

Onto the next project...

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