Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tomorrow's the Big Day!!!

Tomorrow I will catch a fish...

It's been forever since I have been on here, and I do apologize (to myself as well). It's not that I have taken a break from the project.  Really, it's just that I have taken a break from sitting in front of a computer and thinking of things to say for a little while.  I finished teaching an extended school year, took a few summer excursions, and took care of a couple of medical issues.  Now I am ready to get back to typing about this project, and the fact that there is only a little more than four months left...

So, tomorrow I catch the big one...

Or a tiny fish... It really doesn't matter.  The fact is, I have a fishing rod, I have learned how to cast my line, I have practiced in the back yard (the neighbors love watching me), and tomorrow I will try this LIVE.  AND I will have the camera there to document the process.  Because fishing shouldn't be calm and relaxing. It should be intense, well-planned, and documented...

For progress on the other projects, I will say there are two that will have their obligations met soon. Tom's birthday frog cake will be made in a couple of weeks for his birthday gathering (which was postponed from his original birthday), and we have a road trip scheduled when we fly to Seattle in October. So, there's a few more knocked off the list!!

In a few weeks I will be meeting with my seniors in the National Honor Society. I have a few ideas to raise money for charity, and I want to involve them in the process and teach them how to create change in their community. So, raising $1,000 should be fairly easy, and will occur before October.

More than anything, I really have to get to reading the books. I am a teacher, and I am having a hangup on reading? Probably because my stack grew incredibly large over the school year, and I have moved the exciting reads to the front of the line. So, I guess I will be reading the classics while on the exercise bike...

Just a couple more months before the big 3-0. It's crazy to think I am moving into the last leg of this project. It's also pretty crazy to think I could really pull this off. I know I have always been dedicated to my goals, but even I had to wonder if this was really going to happen. Guess I should have given my self a little more credit, eh?

Here's the list! It's getting smaller!
  1. Learn to play the drums.
  2. Read ten great works of literature.
  3. Catch a fish. (tomorrow!)
  4. Learn how to create a website.
  5. Run a 10K. (due to leg issues, I am still figuring out how to work this. ideas?)
  6. Learn how to decorate a cake. (July for Tom)
  7. Learn 20 words in Italian.
  8. Take a road trip. (while in Seattle in October)
  9. Eat vegetarian for one month... and enjoy it! :-) (thinking the month of September)
  10. Ride a hot air balloon. (October)
  11. Fly across the country. (Seattle- October)
  12. Raise $1,000 for a charity.
  13. Karaoke... in public...
  14. Buy and drink a REALLY expensive bottle of wine. (birthday?)
  15. Get in much better physical shape- making my numbers look much better at my physical before 30.

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