Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trainer: Friend or Foe?

I had been toying with the idea for a while. I always thought it was a little strange to have a personal trainer.  Well, not even just for me, but a trainer in general.  I do like to be social, but I really am an individualist.  I like to do things my way and on my own time.  I like running because I can leave with my shoes on and go wherever I please.  My feet and my mind move me, and I get to choose the path. 

So, on my way home from work, I decided to suck it up and stop in at the gym.  I really just wanted to talk to someone about the facilities, and get an idea of what was available for my journey.  The last good walk I took was terribly cold, and I know I will be more motivated if I were in a place that had more light and was a little warmer.
Gyms are interesting places.  I love people-watching, so this is going to be gold for me! As soon as I walked in, I was already noticing behaviors and picking up on what people were saying and the way they were acting. That really could be a whole other blog though... Back to my point...

I told the man in charge that I was interested because I also wanted to force myself to be social. He looked at me surprised, and told me in the past 30 minutes of talking to me that I might have been one of the most social people he had met.  This might be true, but I like to do things on my own. I don't force myself to interact with people as much as I should.  That might have to do with the fact that I deal with "noise" all day?  I am not sure.  I told him I would make great use of any guidance that could be given to me.
He told me that I could more than reach my goal in the time given.  He gave me tons of nutritional guidance, much of which is common sense and some basic science.  It still helps to hear it from another person!  He then told me who I would be working with as my trainer...

A man that works in the military. Yes! A drill sergeant!  I hear he is a very friendly and social guy, but will make me work. Perfect! :-)  I told them I don't work well with women.  It is nothing personal- just a little too cliquey and competitive (nothing personal, ladies!). 

So, tomorrow evening I shall decide if having a trainer is a good thing or a bad thing.  The good thing already is that I have prepared my breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the week so they are easy to grab.  Now I know I will be on track for training.  If I can handle the workouts, I should be good to go!
I will say, in terms of noticing a difference from working out, that I went to work today and had to take a training course in restraint. During that course and in my errand-running afterward, I did an amazing amount of movement, squatting, lifting, and reaching--all that was very effortless.  In the past it would have taken tremendous effort.  My body has already noticed incredible changes!

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